There is so much to be gained from social media, but specifically for small business, it means you no longer have to be the biggest or the most successful to gain customers. Social media allows small businesses to build a loyal customer base for a relatively small return. How is this done? Through smart social media advertising with experts like Hello Local Media.

What is social media advertising?

The majority of consumers today are active social media users. Most social networks allow businesses to buy advertising on the networks and reach customers based on targeted search vectors. Social media advertisers helps businesses to connect with customers based on information they have provided the network such as the Sydney area they live in, their interests, and even where they prefer to shop.

Why do you need social media advertising? 

Reaching your customers can be a hard and expensive business, but with social media advertising it doesn’t have to be. Unlike traditional print advertising, social media advertising is highly targeted, reaching people who may already be searching for your services or products. Essentially, it gives small businesses a much-needed bang for their buck when it comes to reaching more customers for less capital.

How can Hello Local Media help?

If you’re ready to take your small Sydney business to the next level with social media advertising, Hello Local Media can help. We create unique and engaging advertisements on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. These ads can be text, images, video or a mix of the three. With our help you can target your local markets, setting a clear budget and only paying for the clicks and reach you want. Hello Local Media don’t do lock-in contracts, so businesses are guaranteed to find something cost-effective.

There’s no need to delay. Get in touch with Hello Local Media now about how you can make the most of social media advertising.