While some businesses may need to reach an international or global audience, others need only reach as far as their local community and surrounds. For Sydney small business owners, local directories and listings are the perfect way to get in touch with customers looking for certain products and services close to home. Reaching these markets can be harder than it first appears, but for Hello Local Media customers, there’s local guides.

What is local guides?

Local guides are high localised websites aimed at promoting specific NSW areas such as Hawkesbury, Macarthur and the Hills District. These websites are the perfect platform to market your small local Sydney business, and they are packed with content specifically to draw customers looking in that area. Local guides are valuable sites to visitors, providing information on things to see and do, local events, restaurants and accommodation.

Why do you need local guides?

If you’re a small local business looking to be noticed in your area, local guides can help you to achieve this. Businesses can sign up for a free listing, or choose a premium listing that will allow your business to appear at the top of this website’s search results. The local guides also provide banner ad spaces for those really looking to advertise themselves.

Local guides are optimised to appear in top results for those looking for location-specific services and help businesses to get qualified leads from their local area, improving profitability.

Why choose hello local media?

At Hello Local Media, we are all about getting small businesses noticed by their customers. Our local guides are just one way to make this happen, and with big returns and no lock-in contracts, there’s no reason not to give it a go.

If you want your small business to succeed and grow in your local area, talk to Hello Local Media now about how we can help!